“To be noble is to be of or characterised by high moral qualities. It is to be admirable in dignity of conception, manner of expression, execution, or composition. It is to be of superior quality or kind; excellent.”


Our mission as a prominent nursing agency in Sydney is to connect nurses and facilities together in the best possible working arrangements. We aim to simplify the complicated business of health to help both our clients and our nurses achieve better patient care outcomes.


Our nursing agency Sydney focuses on providing equal opportunity to all skilled individuals to work in the top public and private healthcare facilities across the Sydney metropolitan area.


As a leading nursing agency in Sydney, We take pride in getting to know our clients and nurses, thereby providing a personalised professional service. As our management team comprises of two passionate health professionals – a medical doctor and a nurse – we have an innate ability to understand our client’s needs in a clinical perspective and we always strive to work towards finding the right candidate for the job rather than just filling in the gaps. We continually set up rewarding nurse-client partnerships with which the Noble Nurse brand has become synonymous.

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    Noble Nurse’s unique nurse-centred approach to agency nursing means you can tailor your working experience to fit your lifestyle.

    Registered Nurses Job Sydney

    Registered Nurses Job Sydney

    Noble Nurse has a nurse-centred approach unique to agency nursing Sydney. This is an approach to tailor the individual needs and work priorities of the nurses. Unlike other nursing agencies in Sydney, We understand your needs and working conditions so that you can get the shifts of your preferences. You can either choose to work in a combination of both public and private hospitals, or in a single working facility of your choice while earning high. We also serve homecare clients.

    Noble Nurse offers excellent professional development opportunities for dedicated midwives.

    Registered Midwife Sydney

    Noble Nurse offers attractive career building opportunities for interested midwives who are searching for midwife jobs in Sydney. We provide paid orientation to midwives who work at birthing/delivery suits at public hospitals through our unique buddy program that operates across all areas of maternity. 

    Registered Midwife Sydney

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