On March 8 2015 the whole world celebrated International women‘s day- Make it Happen!

Our founder, Mrs. Sulekha  Chanda had a wonderful opportunity to attend – Make it Happen International Women’s Day organised by Royal Hospital for Women- creating awareness on gender equality and women empowerment.

Make it happen! What a wonderful thought and beautiful inspiration for all the women out there!

Being a woman is wonderful feeling and every woman pursues a dream of making it happen in their special way leaving behind their hand prints in some way or other

When it happens..

Some get famous!

Some get noticed!

Some gets loved and appreciated!

Some just give out unconditionally!!!!!

Make it happen 2015 is all about creating awareness about women‘s equality. At Noble Nurse we promote equality in the most special way!

We appreciate and understand our nurses have a family.

We accept and appreciate our nurses have a responsibility to stay back and support their loved ones in crisis!

We accept our hard working nurses need time to relax and celebrate their lives.

We allow sabbaticals for mums and provide smooth transition for those coming back to work!

We provide opportunity to new as well as experienced  nurses.

Make it happen doesn’t mean big wonders or miracles It is always simple things that makes a difference in life  just like how droplets of waters can make a big ocean and soothe our heart and soul!

Let’s all make it happen.

Just a simple gesture of being there

A warm hug for a broken heart..

A word of appreciation for an ailing soul..

A helping hand for friend in need…

Make it happen can be just simply standing up for yourself – believing in yourself and having a voice to speak out your mind and thoughts

Let you be the inspiration for millions to follow! Who knows there might be a Florence Nightingale or Mother Theresa hiding behind!

Big salute and great respect for all wonderful women who have made in life irrespective of the odds and setbacks. From the ordinary to extraordinary to my own simple humble selfless great grandmother who fed several hundred without any discrimination or slight hesitation!

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