Becoming a midwife can have a positive impact on your career, your salary and personal satisfaction in this expanding sector. There are numerous reasons to work as a midwife and care for women before and during childbirth. The midwife is a contemporary take on an age-old practice. Midwifery takes a comprehensive approach to women’s health and birthing. They are attendants and caregivers during a child’s birth, with an emphasis on natural births and mother care. There’s something magical about a baby’s birth and these highly trained experts are there to be a part of it.

Midwives can provide prenatal, postpartum and follow-up care for both mother and baby. Midwifery, like any other nursing career, requires talent, ability and dedication. Many reputed nursing agencies are offering great opportunities for midwife jobs in Sydney.

Professionals that pursue this path will have a gratifying and demanding job. There are numerous reasons why you should become a midwife. Let’s check those out-


The primary reason midwives enter their profession is to care for patients. Midwives are interested in women’s healthcare and wish to share their knowledge with their patients.

You will be present when the patient’s child is born. You will also be able to advocate for them following the birth of the children on subjects that are essential to them, such as breastfeeding. As a trusted midwife, you can teach new mothers how to feel comfortable during breastfeeding.



Your location of the working area changes while you work as a midwife. You can move from house to house, getting a glimpse into the lives of the people you work with. You will also have the opportunity to work in a variety of hospitals, private settings and households.

There is also the possibility of not working for a few days. One of the most significant advantages of working as a midwife in Sydney is the flexibility of shifts, with some hospitals offering 12-hour shifts to allow you to better plan around family life or have more downtime. With a nursing agency, you will get complete flexibility at work while having a high pay rate.

Preference on Specialization

Nurses or midwives can become registered nurses, enrolled nurses, midwives or a combination of these. Starting your midwifery career in Sydney with a reputable nursing agency, you can either specialise in the region you want to work in or widen your experience by working a variety of post-natal, ante-natal, special care and delivery suite shifts. You can work at both private and public hospitals or you can choose the steadiness of working at just one facility while still earning top agency rates.

Finding the Best Nursing Agency to Start Your Midwifery Career

Noble Nurse – Nursing Agency Sydney is one of the leading nursing agencies, offering a wide range of midwife jobs in private settings in Sydney with high pay rates.

We offer paid orientation to public hospital birthing/delivery suites, and our unique ‘buddy programme’ is available in all areas of maternity.

You have the exceptional chance to tailor your work schedule to meet your demands if you’re interested in midwife jobs in Sydney with Noble Nurse. We are dedicated to providing you with flexible work schedules. Some of our midwives work with us full-time, while others opt to balance their personal and/or family commitments by working one or two shifts per week.

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