Are you thinking about starting your nursing career? Or, you have been working in a permanent position and now you want a change and you want to work on flexible schedules? Whatever the reason is, working as an agency nurse would be the right thing. 

Let’s Dive Into What Agency Nursing is

Agency nurses are quite different from the nurses who work in permanent job positions in varied health settings such as hospitals, or nursing homes. Agency nurses are qualified nurses who work in different shifts with complete flexibility at work. If you are looking for a perfect job alternative to schedule your shifts to perfectly balance your life and other work, then this could be your dream job. This opens the doors for perfect work and life balance.

Not convinced, yet? Let’s discover other advantages to working as an agency nurse in Sydney.


First thing first! Everyone works for money. Agency nurses get higher payment rates per hour compared to full-time permanent nurses. According to the latest findings, agency nurses are more likely to get approximately 22% extra payments than any average nursing salary. Many nursing agencies offer daily/weekly payroll, meaning you get your earnings in your pocket quicker. Moreover, you can work extra shifts to earn extra. There is also additional pay to provide a temporary solution to any specific ward or unit.

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Another biggest advantage of working as an agency nurse is that it offers complete flexibility. When you have control of where and when you want to work, you already get mental satisfaction. Working through an agency indicates there is no minimum or maximum work hours. So, say goodbye to the excessive pressure of being present at the health facility at a fixed time. Take rest, do your other important work, enjoy life and work at flexible hours and earn high. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Even if you want to take a day off, or go on a vacation, there’s nothing to stop you. You just need to share your availability and your preferences with the agency and they will find you the best work.

Professional Network

You should not underestimate the power of networking. Make use of your agency work and make great connections with professionals from your field. When you have the opportunity to get flexible shifts in various hospitals, private home care or other facilities, you can meet various people. You can exchange contact numbers or necessary details since this could be useful in the future.

Moreover, networking with professionals gives you the opportunity to gain more knowledge and get to know about new things and prerequisite terminology regarding your workplace. You can get a new perspective to grow in your nursing career. Certifications and competencies will allow you to work with varied types of patients, giving you a pool of shifts and opportunities.

24/7 Support

When you contact Sydney’s one of the top staff nursing agencies, they provide 24/7 support to its clients and candidates. You can get assistance from your registration process and compliance procedure to final placement. They can help you find the best nursing jobs in Sydney at your desired shifts and desired work settings such as hospitals, clinics, home settings or other healthcare facilities.  They will make sure to support you by all means.

Finding the Best Nursing Agency in Sydney

Noble Nurse – Nursing Agency Sydney is the premier staff nursing agency in Sydney, offering a wide pool of work opportunities for registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives.

Working with us means getting high pay rates at flexible work hours. We have a strong connection with public and private hospitals, homes and private clinics, indicating you will always get better nursing job options at your desired shifts.

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