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here Noble Nurse offers excellent professional development opportunities for dedicated midwives. Noble Nurse provides paid orientation to birthing/delivery suites at public hospitals, and our unique ‘buddy program’ operates across all areas of maternity.

rencontre homme irlandais If you’re nervous about starting work in an unfamiliar area (or restarting in an area you haven’t worked in for some time) you can choose to have an experienced midwife work your first shift with you. Your Noble Nurse buddy will show you around the ward and be on hand to demonstrate new procedures and answer any questions you might have. Buddy shifts are paid, and are a great way to gain confidence as a midwife. As a midwife with Noble Nurse you can either sub-specialise in the area you prefer, or broaden your experience by working any combination of post-natal, ante-natal, special care, and delivery suite shifts. You can work at a combination of private and public hospitals, or choose the stability of working at just one facility while still being paid top agency rates.

As a midwife with Noble Nurse you have the unique opportunity to personalise your work schedule to suit your needs. Noble Nurse is committed to offering you flexible working arrangements –some Noble Nurse midwives work with us full-time, others choose to balance their lifestyle and family commitments by working one or two shifts a week.

Our midwives are experienced and professional, caring and compassionate. Our midwives are ‘Nursing Inspiration’ and we invite you to join the team – Apply Now.

go here What we can offer YOU:

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Work across all wards
  • Work in both public & private hospitals
  • Great pay rates
  • Opportunity to sub-specialise

forex öppettider ystad Other Benefits include:

  • Provision of nurse uniform
  • Provision of personalised ID badge
  • Bonus Pay
  • Fringe Benefit

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